Does CBD help reduce inflammation?

Does CBD help reduce inflammation?

Food and herbs are something that can be very helpful when battling issues such as inflammation and swelling.  CBD and THC are substances that are contained in plants and using certain herbs in your foods will make sure that you are staying perfectly healthy, in addition to what you are already doing to maintain your health.


What is CBD

CBD is extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants.  CBD that is removed from the hemp plant is better for the user, and has a lower THC count than the oil collected from marijuana.  Another great way to make sure that the concentration of the THC is low is to  use the proper extraction procedure.  The CO2 method is one of these safest ways to extract the CBD from the plant.  Through the CO2 method, less THC finds its way onto the oil itself.  All CBD oil is going to have a small concentration of THC, because it is near impossible to completely separate the two, however, CBD that is extracted from organic hemp through the C02 process will have the least amount of THC contained within it.


What can CBD help

People have been utilizing CBD for a good number of reasons.  Some of those reasons are to help reduce cancer and slow, or stop, the growth of cancer cells; help reduce headaches and migraines; help with epilepsy and other seizure conditions; aide in reducing severe and chronic pain; help with eating and sleeping disorders; plus can greatly help with addiction and quitting smoking.  CBD has also been known to help with a large number of topical issues, like scrapes, cuts and burns and this is because it is an anti-inflammatory.  This means that CBD reduces swelling and bloating.  CBD can help to reduce swelling in a number of different ways.  One major way that CBD can be used to help swelling is topically, or on the skin.


Topical uses for inflammation or an internal supplement

When CBD is applied topically it has the ability to help swelling within and on the surface of the skin.  It can be applied through creams, lotions, balms and soaps.  CBD can also be applied straight to skin as long as it is placed inside of a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba.  It is of the utmost importance to remember that CBD comes from a plant and it is quite possible for allergic reactions to occur, even if they are very rare. 

CBD has been known to help amazingly with cuts and scrapes, burns and bruises, plus it has also been shown that CBD can help with the pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia.  It is possible for CBD to help with these issues because it reduces the severity of the swelling at the site directly.  In addition to being used outside of the skin, CBD has the ability to be used internally as well. 


CBD is mainly used as an internal supplement in order to relieve a lot of issues, for example, pain relief is a huge issue that people take CBD for.  CBD does the same thing when taken internally as it does when you use it topically.  It can helps to relieve pain from inflammation on the inside as well.  When taken internally CBD has been noted to  help a large number of issues, like cramping and bloating from menstruation.  It helps to stop swelling in the nasal passage, which is something that can cause headaches and migraines to occur.


Final thoughts

CBD oil has been known to a large number of different ailments and issues, but severe and chronic pain is one of the biggest and one of the most common, plus it is the one that is most heard about.  Surprisingly quite a few people do not actually know that most pain is caused by swelling and inflammation, so most people do not know that in order to relieve their pain, they must relieve the swelling.  No, CBD will not take the instant black out of a black eye, or even reduce the appearance of a hickey magically, but you can use it underneath your eyes at night to reduce the sagging and puffiness.  CBD is an awesome supplement and hopefully one day soon it will be considered a medication, not a supplement.


It is very imperative that you include your doctor or medical professional in your search for healthier and better treatment.  Some doctors will be against the use of CBD, while others will be completely for it.  One thing that you should remember greatly is that it is your body and you have the control.

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